September 1, 2012: With two tickets from my new employer, SIM Global Education, Wendy and I visited the Garden by the Bay, another recent extravagant mega-project built by a government that has too much money to spent.

It was dusk when we arrived and by the time we entered the Flower Dome, we couldn’t see much in the dim surroundings. Next, we entered the Cloud Forest, another dome with a 30m tall waterfall. The artificial Cloud Forest brought to mind an a travel article I once wrote about the real Cloud Forest in Costa Rica. It made me sad that I still have not been there. Why am I wasting the remaining years of my life in this airconditioned, overcrowded island when natural wonders await in the wide world outside?

I'm using an old compact camera which produces lousy pictures when it comes to shooting in dim light. As soon as I have bought a decent SLR, I would go again to the Garden to shoot clearer pictures.

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The Cloud Forest (taller dome) and the Flower Dome. This shot was taken from the Singapore Flyer a month earlier on August 4.