May 19, 2002, Snday morning diving at Pulau Hantu
Suat Choo and cable cars at Jardine Steps
Scuba diving at the north side of Hantu
Kuth in his walkabout in Hantu
Suat Choo and Timothy looking for Kuth
Heading to the western side of Hantu
Suat Choo and Timothy on shore at Hantu looking for Kuth
Serene water of Hantu, underneath, visibility is only 1 metre or less
Bumboat at Jardine Steps
Pulau Hantu in the far horizon
Timothy and Lai Ka keeping an eye on the tanks
Scuba divers training near the jetty
May 19, 2002: Fleeing the heat wave on the Singapore mainland, David, Kuth, Timothy, Lai Ka and I went diving on a bright cheerless Sunday morning, led by our Kg Glam dive club's expedition leader, Lee Suat Choo. At 9.30 am, we reached our former dive training haunt on the north side of Pulau Hantu, after a 40-minute boat ride from Jardine Steps. The water, as usual, was murky with visibility no more than an arm's length. Lai Ka and I had to descend holding hands so as not to lose sight of each other. We had two dives, before returning at 3 pm. Suat Choo, however, was still unable to dive because of a tear in her ear drum.

Hantu was where I first learnt sports diving in October and November of 1998. Although the water is polluted, that is the only place in concrete-clad claustrophobic Singapore for fresh air and open-sea diving.