Judy catches up on her management reading in between dives.
Fishing boats for the locals in Maricaban.
Inside the dive boat enjoying the view.
Ambrose and Judy listen to the dive guide briefing us on what to expect at the dive site.
Our dive boat is so narrow we have to tumble backwards to get into the water.
Our dive boat.
A native of Maricaban.
Ferr boat from the mainland, half-an-hour ride away
An islet 15 minutes boat ride from the resort
Josie and her British-born husband Paul run the Pisa dive resort in Maricaban
The view from our second-storey balcony
Judy with wall map of dive sites around the island
Newly-made fishing boat.
The breeze is so pushy even a stroll requires effort.
Me, left, with Judy and Ambrose.
A year after my first visit to this island south of Manila, I returned in December 2000 with Ambrose Mong and Judy Wong, who have also undergone the BSAC Sports Divers course at Kg Glam diving club. During our five-day stay at Pisa resort run by Josie and husband Paul Evans, the sea was rough, the wind strong and my heart faint. Being a natural-born coward, I managed only two dives while Judy and Ambrose enjoyed all the other dives available.

On land, the breezy weather was invigorating, and I read through Virginia Woolf’s Second Common Reader. And like Rumi’s Poems which I read during last year’s stay in this island, every passage in the book was so underline-able.