Tioman pictures by Francis Chin
Visibility in Tioman is about 10m or less
All pictures taken by Francis Chin using the Canon Ixus digital camera with waterproof casing good for 30m depth
Hui Keow discusses the BSAC dive table with Suat Choo
Living life on the edge
Suat Choo at the helm
Hui Keow wants to go to the US to get a PhD i clinical psychology
Getting out the orange suasage before surfacing
Suat Choo, Hui Keow, Francis
Washing up at Roger's place
Weekend trip to Tioman, led by Lee Suat Choo, with Francis, Judy, Hui Keow, Beng Ai, and a couple Elsie and Don (an American).

Friday Sept 7, 2001, my 50th birthday

7pm: Meet at Kg Glamm Community Centre, Beng Ai, Judy and Hui Keow in my car, the couple in Suat Choo's.

11.45pm: Arrived Mersing town. Judy tripped and fell on road pavement, cut her gum, cheek, forehead. Stayed overnight at coffeeshop Embassy hotel, share room with Judy. She said I snored through the night.

Saturday Sept 8

7am: Breakfast, boarded crowded ferry to Salang, Tioman. Checked into tiny, non-aircond hut, all to myself, the three bachelor girls have a spacious aircond chalet.

10.30am: 1st dive, 25m, tried out Canon Ixus 300 digital camera with underwater casing (up to 30m). Water not very clear, with sediments, visibility no more than 10m.

12.30pm: 2nd dive: Swam through rock passages. Shot pictures of corals and clown fish among anemone.

Afternoon: No dive for me, have splitting headache. Slept in hot, stuffy hut, woke with nausea, vomitting, disgorged earlier Chinese lunch, felt like end of the world.

Evening: Dinner, chilled out in girls' hut; learn that Hui Keow is trained psychologist, teaches autistic children in homes. Strolled through Salang village, bought snacks.

Sunday Sept 9

10am: No dive for me, didn't want to risk another headache, not good for the long drive home. Watched others dive. No dives during entire trip for poor Judy, still hurting from bruises.

Afternoon: Washed, dried all equipment under blazing sun, at Roger's place. Departed Salang Jetty for Mersing in overcrowded stuffy catamaran.

2am: Arrived home, finally. -- Francis Chin

Judy is still cheerful despite her bruises
Corals in Tioman are in poor condition
The little clownfish is safe despite the surrounding big neighbours